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Dedicated Servers For Tally On Cloud

You need a stable, productive server if you want your Tally on the cloud to work. You can run Tally on PC or any device with our high-quality Tally on Cloud service.

By owning a dedicated server for yourself, you can benefit from Tally's powerful services. It ensures utmost performance with a minimum of outages and latency while dedicating the entire server and its resources to the functioning of your tally. With Tally Dedicated servers, you can fulfill all your high-end Tally requirements.

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Tally Dedicated Server Plans

Level 1

Medium Traffic Cloud

₹ 2999*/Month
  • 240 GB SSD Space
  • 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 8 GB Guaranteed Ram
  • Processors - 4 Cores
  • Operating system - Preferred
  • Tally support-24/7
  • Set Up Fee – free
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Level 2

High Traffic Cloud

₹ 5999*/Month
  • 500 GB SSD Space
  • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 16 GB Guaranteed Ram
  • Processors - 6 Cores
  • Operating system - Preferred
  • Tally support - 24/7
  • Set Up Fee – free
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Level 4

Enterprise content management

₹ 12999*/Mo
  • 500 GB SSD Space
  • 600 GB SAAS Space
  • 2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 64 GB Guaranteed Ram
  • Processors - 12 Core
  • Operating system - Preferred
  • Tally support - 24/7
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Note : Here, the tax rate remains same, i.e. 18%. Since the supply is intrastate, the type of taxes applicable are CGST + SGST.

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"All-inclusive" hosting for dedicated servers. Tally Users, daily backups, free support, and Tally customization should not be a concern when the disk limits are exceeded.


With Tally (On Cloud) on our servers, your application will run fast and smoothly. With our Dedicated Server hosting, all popular CRMs and Tally ERP 9 can be optimized to work as quickly as possible.


We allow you to have multiple third-party applications installed with free back-ups when you transfer your Tally data to our servers, and our experts are on hand to help you with any issues, training, or migration of your Tally data.


Professional equipment, which our company uses, guarantees fast and reliable operation of the Tally server.

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More Than 1000’s of users satisfactorily using our Tally on Cloud services. Tally from anywhere, anytime, any OS/Device.

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What Is Tally Dedicated Server?

By centralizing information and ensuring accessibility, Tally On Cloud helps companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. Tally can be accessed anywhere and at any time using any device, freeing accountants from any dependency. The Tally ERP Cloud provides the full functionality of Tally ERP, as well as the additional features it provides. Organizations of every size can now take advantage of cloud facilities while still maintaining complete privacy and data security. Dedicated servers are recommended for organizations with more than 25 users.

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Why Do You Need a dedicated server from Tally?

An organization can fully control its cloud platform by using a Dedicated Server. Using the same solution, they can consolidate their work and host any application. Security over employees is decided by the organization - the amount of data accessible, where and what devices employees can access, etc. Over time, a dedicated solution will save the organization maintenance costs and will also simplify the day-to-day operation of the organization. If the organization hosts its solution, it spends more than if it takes service from us.

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Tally On Cloud Dedicated Server Features

Dedicated-user servers ensure utmost security for your tally data and optimize them to run complex operations. It also promotes faster functioning and connectivity formal operations. Tally Dedicated Servers Offer Better Data Security & High Speed. The Features Of The Cloud Dedicated Server are:

  • Enhanced Security & Reliability
  • Exquisite Tally on Cloud Server Management
  • Automatic BackUp And Update
  • Approachable Anytime & Anywhere
  • Dedicated Hardware Infra
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The client is the administrator in both the VM and the Dedicated Server Solution, which means they can create/alter users at any time.

The configuration of the server you have selected decides the number of users. We at TallyCloud have set a yardstick in the market which a good number of users to function as a solution.

Yes, each user's access can be tailored to the needs of the company. IP binding, application publishing, floating panels, and other security measures are among them.

Yes, you just need to copy the file from Cloud and paste it on the local system. this is the simplest way of manual backup.

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